Online PDF Viewer – View your PDF as PDF Flipbook

Select the button below to open your PDF in flipbook – This demo is powered by DearFlip Plugin. View your PDFs online! Just select your PDF and see it in a flipbook – right away. No uploading or conversion required.


For more options and settings you can use our PDF viewer for Chrome browser.

Settings for PDF Viewer:

  • Enable 3D Mode: You can enable or disable 3D mode. If 3D mode is enabled a 3D Flipbook will be created, else a 2D flipbook will be created.
  • Enable RTL Mode: When RTL mode is enabled PDF Flipbook viewer will switch direction to right to left. Suitable for Arabic Documents.

If you are looking to add the PDF Viewer or PDF Flipbook to your own site. Look no further we have WordPress and jQuery plugins to convert your PDFs to Flipbooks right on your site.