How flipbook size works? How to make it bigger?

Why my flipbook is small? This is a question that get’s asked often and it is the most answered question in our support history. This happens when users try embedding the flipbook on their page.

How flipbook size works?

The size of flipbook is determined by:

1 . The width and height of the container where the flipbook is added! If you add it inside a narrow container it won’t grow wider than the element. Height can be set in the settings but width is 100% controlled by the parent element width.

2. Book page proportion. Even if you applied bigger height, flipbook calculates the size that can fit on the given dimension and won’t stretch to fill the entire area.

Why is the flipbook small?

There can be many reasons for this:

  1. Flipbook is added inside small container. We recommend adding flipbook inside a bigger container.
  2. Flipbook is set to 100% height and the container doesn’t have explicit height calculation. We recommend checking the container height and setting a value.
  3. Flipbook is added inside hidden containers(tabs, accordions) and so cannot determine the size when page loads and takes minimum size. We recommend using poups.

You can apply fixed height to the flipbook like 500px and the flipbook will be 500px. But there are times, this is not done, yet customers expect to take a big size. As of new version the calculation is changed and flipbooks take height according to the width – by determining the maximum size that could fit in the given width of container.

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